Princess Minna and the Enchanted Forest


Princess Minna loves to sort out mix-ups and mishaps in the kingdom.  Sometimes, however, helping everybody else gets in the way of what she really needs to do.

Join Minna and her funny, exciting adventure in this full-colour, illustrated first chapter book.  Minna has been given the very important task of waking up a sleeping prince – all in time for tea. She lives in Castle Tall-Towers with the King and Queen, Raymond the Wizard and her best (dragon) friend, Lorenzo. There are often mix-ups and mishaps in the kingdom and Princess Minna loves to sort them out! She can tame unicorns, kiss frogs and fight dragons (apart from Lorenzo) and she is very good at fixing things before it’s time for bed.

In The Enchanted Forest, Princess Minna has to wake a sleeping prince before nightfall. But along the way, she finds a swan, an old lady and a very fluffy sheep – all of them in a fix! Can she help them and still reach the prince before sundown?

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Princess Minna and the Enchanted Forest

Kirsty Applebaum, illustrated by Sahar Haghgoo

(Nosy Crow)

Princess Minna and the Enchanted Forest is an exciting, full-colour chapter book from the excellent Kirsty Applebaum.
Minna lives in Castle Tall-Towers with the King and Queen and a wizard named Raymond.  She is a confident, determined and capable young girl.  She is always up for a challenge and is ever-willing to offer help to anyone, even if they don’t necessarily need it!
Minna has an important task.  She must help ensure that a terrible curse doesn’t take effect. The curse has been laid by a bad fairy upon Prince Welling-Tunboot on the day of his birth.  It comes into effect on his tenth birthday. The King and Queen have received urgent pleas for help from the prince’s parents.  The Prince has fallen asleep and needs to be woken up, but nothing has worked so far.
Off Minna goes with her best friend, dragon Lorenzo, flying towards Tunboot Palace in the centre of the Enchanted Forest.  She keeps stopping en route however.  She stops to help an old lady, some sheep, a swan and others.  All of them end up flying aboard the dragon! All the while the clock is ticking and the sleeping prince must be awoken or remain asleep for ever more.
This is a very funny subversion of the Sleeping Beauty story, with enchanting characters and full colour illustrations by Sahar Haghgoo throughout.  This lovely tale will assuredly enchant newly independent readers and leave them eagerly awaiting further episodes in the life of this spectacular little princess.


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