It seems that this is a day for Puddling! Thereafter a game of raindrop races on the window precede zipping up and wellies on and a journey to greet the rain. It seems there is so much to enjoy, from the great waves of raindrops, to the opportunity to shake off like a drenched dog. Then there are puddles through which cyclists pedal and splash and then you might splash, splash, swirl and explore. There are teeny ones, muddy ones and then HUMUNGOUS puddles- ‘Uh- oh!‘ Might this be the sign it’s time to ‘go back’?

Then again, haven’t you enjoyed a wonderful time? It’s not a day like those busy people who struggle with umbrellas, rush and bustle. Rather, you’ve laughed and splashed, investigated and relished your time, Puddling!

Bookwagon adores Emma Perry’s picture books. Here she is joined by Claire Alexander in creating the perfect book for a rainy day read aloud. After all, it’s full of the sounds and sights of rain and grey, yet overwhelms us with its cheer and warmth. Bookwagon loves and recommends Puddling! 

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Emma Perry and Claire Alexander

(Walker Books)

‘Let’s go!’ It seems that ‘Rain drops,/ Puddles appear.‘ It’s time for Puddling! It might begin with watching ‘drops race/ down the glass’ Then again, it might mean ‘Wellies on,/ Coat zipped,/ Hood up.‘ Whatever, it’s time for all to go!
Rather like the ‘drenched dog’ that ‘shakes [its] head’ and ‘shakes [its] body’ there’s ‘water flying….. EVERYWHERE!’  Therefore, there are puddles through which to ‘stimp‘ and ‘stomp‘. It means that ‘Umbrellas fly,/ Coats flap’. However are the ‘busy people‘ joining in? Or might they be missing all the fun? After all there are puddles to cycle through and then muddy, teeny and humungous puddles that might lead to an ‘Uh-oh’! Thereafter, might it be time to ‘go back‘?
Bookwagon loves the picture books written by Emma Perry, from I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. to This Book Has Alpacas and Bears. Once again she delights with the sounds she creates, the settings she invokes and the feelings she reminds us of.
Furthermore, Claire Alexander’s splashy, sploshy pictures are enchanting, from the rain streaked widows, to the footprints that stomp all across the homecoming to the ‘SNUGGLE!Puddling! is a triumph.


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