Puppy Academy Murphy and the Great Surf Rescue


Puppy Academy Murphy and the Great Surf Rescue’ is the fourth title in the wonderful Puppy Academy series by Gill Lewis. This is engaging, warm and intelligent fare for newer chapter book readers.

In this instalment, we return to the Sausage Dreams Academy for Murphy’s training. He’s a Leonberger pup, a great lion like dog with thick fur and webbed toes. Murphy is destined to become a water rescue dog in the mould of his hero, Boris, the Newfoundland surf rescue dog.

Yet Murphy’s route at the academy proves doubtful. Rodrigo Lopez is a new entrant. He has travelled all the way from Mexico to try for his Surf Rescue badge alongside Murphy. Murphy is unsettled by Rodrigo. He feels out of his depth by the surf too. What can Murphy do to find his paws, and fulfil his ambition?

Readers are drawn into these tales rich with the sort of emotions and fears with which we are all familiar. Alongside this is ample opportunity to learn information about working dogs and their training.

We are delighted to include ‘Puppy Academy Murphy and the Great Surf Rescue‘ aboard Bookwagon. This, and the other titles in the series, are recommended highly to newer chapter book readers, although readers of all ages would enjoy such a fulfilling reading experience.

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Puppy Academy Murphy and the Great Surf Rescue

Gill Lewis, illustrated by Sarah Horne

(Oxford University Press)

We return to the Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy for Working Dogs. It’s time to meet ‘Puppy Academy Murphy and the Great Surf Rescue’. Murphy dreams about fulfilling the Leonberger destiny.  Murphy is a water dog. Surely he is best placed to rescue those in trouble in the water? What happens when another dog arrives at the academy with the same ambition and skill? Can Murphy maintain his focus?


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