Puppy Academy Star on Stormy Mountain


‘Puppy Academy Star on Stormy Mountain‘ is the first title in a very satisfying series. Star longs to be a sheepdog in the manner of her mother. Lillabelle is the National Sheepdog Trial winner. She is calm, intelligent and strategic.

Star tries hard. From early sheep training with Hilda and Mabel at Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy, to working toward her Little Bo Peep Badge. Yet Star is charged by instincts and impulses. Why can’t she be more like her mother?

By the time it comes for Star and her puppy pals to work toward their Mountain Badge, she is in desperate straits. Star is determined to make her mother proud and calm her urges. Yet the smell of snow, the height of the mountains, the passing ramblers all enthral her. What will happen when it is Star’s turn to herd the mountain lambs?

Bookwagon is delighted to alight upon this superb book within a really satisfying series. Gill Lewis is an accomplished writer. Her skilful storytelling is evident in this recommended title for newer chapter book readers.


Puppy Academy Star on Stormy Mountain

Gill Lewis, illustrated by Sarah Horne

(Oxford University Press)

‘Puppy Academy Star on Stormy Mountain’ introduces us to new pup, Star. She longs to follow in her mother’s paw prints to become a renowned sheepdog. Yet Star is driven by different impulses. She tingles with excitement at the chase. Star feels weather and interprets danger. Can Star find her path? What is that path?


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