Queen of the Falls


Annie Taylor aims to be ‘Queen of the Falls‘. Tourists are flocking to Niagara Falls at the turn of the twentieth century. Annie plans to use this attention to her advantage, to earn the money she needs after closing her school of dance and fine manners. Annie will be the first person to go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel!

There are problems, of course. The barrel will need to be reinforced, waterproof, yet allow her to breathe. Then there’s her fitness… Annie is portly, a 62 year-old woman in a time that few women would even contemplate such an adventure. What are the chances of anyone supporting her? How can she publicise her event? Who will believe her?

Acclaimed graphic storyteller, Chris Van Allsburg, retells the true story of Annie Taylor’s dramatic venture in the gripping ‘Queen of the Falls.’ We travel the distance with Annie, realise the tricksters, urge her safe passage. What an adventure! Chris Van Allsburg recreates the setting perfectly. What wonderful, necessary historic storytelling.

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Queen of the Falls

Chris Van Allsburg

(Andersen Press)

Have you heard of Annie Edson Taylor? The dance and deportment teacher? She is ‘Queen of the Falls’, determined to be the first woman to ride in a barrel over Niagara. She is short, portly, unfit and 62 years of age. Yet Niagara Falls is a tourist draw. Annie needs money. So what if the odds are against her…


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