Beneath the castle arc, a desperate king passes a special gift to the friends. However, time is short and he is recaptured before there’s time for explanation or support. It seem the pair are needed to help secure a rescue. Yet what can two children manage? After all, they’ve only the company of a mysterious bird and a red and purple crayon, each!

However, these children are up for this Quest. Thereafter, they work together to follow the page of curious instructions, forming scuba equipment that they might dive deep beneath the waves. What do they seek? Then again, can they forge an escape from the armed miniature divers?

Furthermore, what might they find upon the shores of the island? It seems they’ve a rickety rope bridge to cross to reach their goal. However there are airships blasting across their paths. Then again, they are alone….

Aaron Becker’s pens and paints know no boundaries. Like his characters, readers are taken on a quest of wonder, magic, mystery and wit. Bookwagon loves and recommends Quest. It is quite magnificent.

Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist starred reviews 


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The Journey Continues

Aaron Becker

(Walker Books)

There’s a king, captured, deep within a citadel. Can the gift he bequeaths the friends help release him? It seems they’ve a Quest ahead!
Aaron Becker led readers upon a red- crayoned Journey. However, this time there are two, accompanied by a glorious purple bird, and then another crayon. It seems the pair must wield their wits and their crayons to complete this rescue mission. After all, they will meet much opposition from sea to sky. Therefore, can they follow the map and work together? Furthermore, what might the map’s enigmatic colour wheel mean for their adventure?
It seems they’ll need to craft scuba gear, for example, and thereafter to follow the long tendrils of their shapeshifting bird. Then again, what about the island to which they head? Furthermore, the tower that can only be reached across a desperately broken rope bridge?
It seems this is all very precarious. How will they negotiate the trail? Fend off airships? Fight back against armed warriors? Then again, what was the special belt that the king passed on so quickly? Might it prove to offer the most magnificent arc of hope and escape? Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Quest aboard!


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