Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night


Julian Gough and Jim Field return to the forest for a fourth encounter with Rabbit and Bear, first met in Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit’s Bad Habits.

Bear may be readying himself for his long winter sleep, but Rabbit is justifiably agitated. Someone or something is destroying the forest. The river’s changed course, Rabbit’s burrow is flooded and trees are disappearing. What sort of Monster is in operation?  Bear is ‘very close to being slightly worried.’ 

It seems Progress is at work. Progress does not allow for Silly Animals. While the Monster’s Success story might be good news for ‘beavers, fish, snakes, honeybees, tortoises, blue jays, beetles, wolves, frogs, bears and woodpeckers‘, it is terrifying for Rabbit.  Progress offers neither hope or a home to Mole, Vole, Mouse or Owl.

What action will the friends take? Woodpecker and Bear may come out of Progress with more honey and beetle larvae, but can they stand by and see their smaller friends stranded? What is the reason for Progress? What happens when Progress stops?

As ever with this fabulous series, there are subtle, loving messages within the humour. The vocabulary is outstanding, the story engaging and the pictures season and symbol rich. Bookwagon urges you toward ‘Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night‘ but not without a munch of the earlier three books.


Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night

Julian Gough & Jim Field

(Hachette)– hardback

Bear is preparing for the winter. It’s time to sleep. However Rabbit is perturbed by mysterious changes in the forest. Reluctantly, Bear joins him to check; after all a good scratch on her scratching tree would ease her itch. Why is the tree a stump? Furthermore, why is Bear’s honey tree a stump, also? Then there’s Woodpecker’s tree. It seems like there’s a Monster in the forest.
Rabbit & Bear A Bite in the Night’ sees the welcome return of our forest friends. We have followed their progress since Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit’s Bad Habits. As ever Rabbit is agitated; he swears this is ‘THE END OF THE WORLD’! Can Rabbit and Bear, bare-bottomed Woodpecker, Mole, Vole Owl and Mouse repel the Monster’s Success Story so that all is as it should be in the forest?


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