Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack


A peaceful summer lake day is interrupted by a ‘thing’ whizzing over our main characters’ heads and crashing into a tree. Rabbit decides the ‘thing’ could be a creature ready to attack, a ‘six foot tall owl, with claws like knives!’ It needs to go to prison! His loud protestations and dramatic insistence about the ‘thing’ raises the apprehension of his woodland neighbours to such a pitch that the ‘thing’, still asleep, is held captive in a tree trunk! What happens when Bear returns from overeating blueberries and the ‘thing’ awakens? Will Rabbit be so determinedly threatened?

Gentle philosophy underpins ‘Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack‘, like its predecessors. The writing and images are perfect, while the story is warm, wry and witty. Rabbit and Bear may be flawed characters, but their friendship is devoted. They are eminently likeable, empathetic and recognisable. We love ‘Attack of the Snack‘ and recommend it to readers aged from 5 or 6 to adult. The motivation for writing Rabbit & Bear Julian Gough interview


Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack

Julian Gough & Jim Field


Rabbit & Bear Attack of the Snack‘, offers a third visit to Rabbit & Bear!  Bear is long-suffering, wise and accepting, and food searching. Rabbit, meanwhile, winds himself up into a frenzy when the pair are interrupted by ‘AN EIGHT FOOT TALL BURPING OWL’. (Or maybe not… you decide!) ‘Attack of the Snack‘ is great fun, wise and thoughtful, and utterly pecker-pitch perfect!’


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