Rabbit & Bear: This Lake is Fake!


Rabbit emerges from a winter hibernation disgusted by the amount of poo that’s accumulated. However he doesn’t recognise that he’s responsible for any of it. Then again, he doesn’t see the green shoots of spring hope that burst through the ground either. He’s not inclined to help Bear clean away the mess to welcome the new season. It seems that Rabbit’s full of his vision of a perfect world!

Thereafter the forest friends gather alongside Rabbit and Bear to learn Rabbit’s vision. It inspires Castor the Beaver and Wolf to share their visions, which are soundly scorned by Rabbit. What’s more, an encounter by a terrified camper inspires Rabbit further. It seems he’s after a world of delicious chocolate and fluffy marshmallows…. It’s nothing to do with the clouds that Bear sings to as he floats upon the lake, bearing Rabbit. It seems Rabbit’s vision is leading the pair to the perfect place. Or is it?

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a further title to a beloved series. Rabbit & Bear: This Lake is Fake! 

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Rabbit & Bear: This Lake is Fake!

Julian Gough & Jim Field


What’s your perfect vision? Castor the Mole’s is building a comfortable chair. However, Rabbit’s response to this is harsh. He laughs derisively. After all, Rabbit’s ‘able to imagine an entire perfect world‘! Then again, Wolf’s vision of a world of ‘lots and LOTS of happy, healthy rabbits-‘  However, Wolf’s vision means ‘rabbits every day, for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.’ It seems there is no room for wolves in Rabbit’s perfect world.
However, Rabbit’s denying the world in which he lives. It seems he’s convinced that there’s a better place and then better friends. We think of what he’s experienced with his best pal with the ‘nice big soft bum’ including The Pest in the Nest.  Aren’t these two bound in their friendship? Then again, it seems that Rabbit’s emerged from Bear’s cave after a long and smelly winter, wanting to shake everything off. That means avoiding the need to clean the cave from a winter of poo. Then again, it means shunning his friends who line the lakeside as spring appears. However, it might mean tasting the hot chocolate and marshmallows left behind by a terrified camper…. Could that make Rabbit’s vision ever more extreme?
Rabbit & Bear: This Lake is Fake! is a fabulous return from Julian Gough and Jim Field. Once again we marvel at Bear’s loving friendship alongside joining the pair in their reassessment of their world. Somehow, we recognise its fragility, that this lakeside is a precious jewel. However what are Rabbit’s thoughts? Will they change everything? Bookwagon loves and recommends Rabbit & Bear: This Lake is Fake!


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