Rabbit on the Rampage


Watch out! There’s a Rabbit on the Rampage! Rabbit keeps her rare curly wurly carrot safe and close. In fact even at swim club it’s in her coat. However, what if it’s not? Where is Rabbit’s curly wurly carrot? Swim Coach Manatee suggests Rabbit retraces her steps.

First stop is Badger with whom Rabbit shared lunch. It seems that Badger’s no interest in Rabbit’s curly wurly carrot. However he does like garden peas. An offer of such a mediocre alternative infuriates Rabbit so that her paws clench ‘with outrage’ while her tail begins ‘to shake’. Surely she wouldn’t…. squash the pea with her bottom?

Then again, what about Madame Mouse? After all, Rabbit attended ballet class at midday. Could Madame Mouse have picked up Rabbit’s curly wurly carrot? And then, if not her, what about Hedgehog at the bookshop?

However, could Rabbit be wrong on every count? Then again, might her wild behaviour have been totally outrageous? How can she make amends after this?

Rabbit on the Rampage is hilarious, entrancing and absolutely convincing. Rikin Parekh’s illustrations are nonsensical and diverting, while Lorna Watson’s story is totally over the top. In fact, Bookwagon can see this picture book as a firm favourite for every reader, ideal for reading aloud, reading along to, predicting and lingering over. What a winner!

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Rabbit on the Rampage

Lorna Watson and Rikin Parekh

(Walker Books)

Rabbit’s ‘curly wurly carrot’ is rare and precious. It seems she will not be parted from it. Thereafter, Rabbit’s carrot is kept close at all times, even during swim club. So what happens if Rabbit’s carrot disappears? Could it be that ‘Someone’s stolen Carrot!’
Might it lead to a Rabbit on the Rampage, as Rabbit’s thoughts turn to retracing her steps? That’s the course suggested by Swim coach Manatee. It seems obvious that it’s Badger first off. After all, Rabbit’s lunchtime was spent at Badger’s sett. What’s more Badger’s offer of a ‘yummy, scummy, garden pea’ is just insulting. Doesn’t it deserve to be squashed down?
Then again, what will Rabbit’s reaction be to Madame Mouse’s offer of a conciliatory cauliflower? Or even Hedgehog’s suggestion of a purple aubergine? A purple aubergine is not a curly wurly carrot!
Lorna Watson and Rikin Parekh present such an outrageous and hilarious picture book. From its central character to the outlandish story, we’re absolutely entranced. We love the repetition, the outrage, the sequence and then the drama. Like Holey Moley, for example, Rabbit on the Rampage, is a clever, engaging book that we love and recommend highly.


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