Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!


Rabbit prefers being an only child. So what is he to do when he is surprised by a new arrival? There are boundaries to set so that Rabbit’s space and belongings remain his only. Yet, what if those boundaries are overrun by ‘Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!’? For it seems that the numbers of bunny brothers and sisters are increasing by the cottontail!

Could Fox be the answer? After all, she says, ‘The more the merrier‘…. Maybe Rabbit could leave the bunny hordes of brothers and siblings with her! What will he discover when he returns from his solitary adventures?

Bookwagon loves Lorna Scobie’s ‘Collecting Cats’. The’s a wide-eyed, warm-hearted, innocence in this picture book maker’s beautifully busy creations. ‘Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! offers humour, places to linger, keen inference and a slight satisfying anarchy. We welcome this wonderful bunny-teous picture book aboard.


Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Lorna Scobie


‘Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!‘ Although Rabbit prefers to be the only child at home, his parents have other ideas. Suddenly there are rabbits everywhere! Therefore how can Rabbit insist on ‘My flower….carrots…stretching area… bedroom‘ when there are rabbits as far as the eye can see? Curiously, Fox says that she ‘likes having rabbits around‘. While Rabbit tries to set some boundaries it seems the problem is out of control! Could Fox arrive at a solution? Furthermore, is this solution one that might allow Rabbit to return to his happy life alone?
Thereafter, what might Rabbit discover when he visits the multitude of rabbit brother and sisters left in Fox’s care? Do we dare look?
Lorna Scobie is the creator of Collecting Cats which has proven so popular with our younger customers and their adults. In addition she illustrated the magnificent The Wonder of Trees and The Variety of Life by Nicola Davies. Her picture books are crisp, inviting and warm. Welcome aboard ‘Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!’ 



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