Rabunzel is a very cute rabbit.  She has as tufty tail, a twitchy nose and two wide brown eyes. She also has extremely long ears.  They’re so long that her mother worries they will make her easy bait for the hungry creatures of the forest.  So Mum decides that Rabunzel must be kept safe.  Therefore a hutch is built for her at the top of a very tall tree high.  Rabunzel is not so keen and has to wait, grumpily, for her mother’s daily visit with carrots and fresh lettuce.  She lets down her ears so Mum can climb up the tower.

One day, she is shocked to find a different visitor at the top of the tree – Flash Harry, a daring hare who wants to save her.  But Flash Harry has unwittingly put Rabunzel in peril as the predators begin to circle.  What she does next is thrilling, daring and very very funny.

This is a very modern take on a traditional fairy tale, with a lovely mixture of narrative and rhyme engaging pictures.



A Fairy Tale for the Fearless

Gareth P Jones, illustrated by Loretta Schauer


Rabunzel the rabbit is a cheery soul, bounding through the forest.  But she has grown very very long ears and her mother fears these might prevent her from escaping the hungry woodland predators.  So Mum decides Rabunzel must hide out for safety in a tree house/hutch at the top of a very tall tree.  She must only lower her ears so that Mum can bring her food.

Being stuck in the hutch with a only a daily visit from Mum is a bit boring.  One day however, an adventurous hare called Flash Harry happens along and is smitten.  He determines to save Rabunzel, even though she doesn’t much want to saved. Flash Harry’s cations however, put her in peril as the hungry animals circle around.

The solution to escaping is very funny and very ingenious!  This is a charming and laugh-out loud picture book, that uses narrative and rhyme to excellent effect.  The illustrations are bright and animated.

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