Race to the Frozen North

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‘Race to the Frozen North’ is the absorbing true story of Matthew Henson, adventurer, explorer and survivor. Fated to obscurity because of his race, Henson is uncredited as being first to reach the North Pole. Yet his story, from preparation in native Inuit traditions to cope in harsh Arctic conditions, right back to his escape from a violent childhood as an 11-year old, is jaw-dropping.

While other adventurers, from Dr Frederick Cook to Commander Peary, were celebrated by geographic and celebrity circles, Matthew Henson was parking cars or scrubbing pots. Acceptance of his exclusion seems inexplicable. However, difficult early circumstances, and long experience of harsh racism on land and at sea, meant Matthew Henson expected little else. Catherine Johnson expands upon his history so carefully that we feel committed to Matthew Henson, his fortune and legacy.

‘Race to the Frozen North’ is a truly captivating history that must be read, realised and known. Bookwagon recommends this title highly to readers of all ages. This book is published in a dyslexia friendly format. 

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Race to the Frozen North

The Matthew Henson Story

Catherine Johnson

(Barrington Stoke)

Have you heard of Matthew Henson? I hadn’t, but then it’s little surprise as he has been obscured throughout history because of his race! it is time to make amends! What an astounding and resilient adventurer and explorer. Catherine Johnson shares this trailblazer’s story in the compelling, ‘Race to the Frozen North‘.

Dyslexia friendly format

1 review for Race to the Frozen North

  1. Paula Hale (verified owner)

    This is an exellent book and it has gone straight into my classroom. It is the important story of Matthew Henson that should be known. Catherine Johnson has become a ‘go to’ author for me. This format is reader friendly and its short format will appeal to many of my pupils (and staff).

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