Rainbow Grey Eye of the Storm


Ray is delighted to have joined the Sky Academy with her friends. Finally, her magic has been revealed. However, there is deep suspicion for Ray’s magic has not been seen in the Weatherlands for centuries, ever since Tornadia Twist erased it, and then created a hundred year storm. What’s more, there’s nobody to practise with, so Ray’s efforts go haywire at times.

Therefore, when Weatherlings’ cloud creatures, which contain their magic, begin to disappear, and there is a loss of control on Earth’s weather, suspicion turns to Ray. When Coo La La, a long missing pigeon, returns to Ray’s hideout, the Rainburrow, to announce the return of Tornadia Twist, there’s considerable doubt. Yet, what else could be causing the deep upheaval and growing chaos? Then again, what if Ray were to meet the last Rainbow Magic practitioner….. what would Tornadia want of Ray?

Bookwagon is delighted to return to the Weatherlands, to Ray and her growing confidence and skill, her friendships with Snowden and Droplet, the support of La Blaze…. Laura Ellen Anderson’s imaginative, rich creation is a really satisfying, glorious read that we recommend highly. Welcome to Rainbow Grey Eye of the Storm.

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Rainbow Grey Eye of the Storm

Laura Ellen Anderson


Ray is attending Sky Academy with her friends now that her magic has been revealed. However, the fact that her magic is so different from all the other Weatherlings means she’s regarded suspiciously. After all, even her Aunt Foggalena considers Ray is responsible for the loss of Baby-Cloud Creatures.
However, as other Cloud Creatures disappear, meaning cloud magic, necessary to every Weatherling, evaporates, the doubts about Ray grow. After all, wasn’t the dreaded Tornadia Twist also possessed with the magic of rainbows, like Ray? What’s more, didn’t Tornadia ‘eliminate all the rainbow magic and made a storm that lasted hundreds of years‘!
It seems that Ray’s magic is needed to solve a growing crisis for the Weatherlands. Without cloud magic, this land will become a stormy, Jupiter like planet. What’s more, there will be no control of Earth magic. Thereafter, Ray’s magic is the only one that has control of all weathers. However, her skills are new and unknown and there are rumours that a long banished foe has returned, with vengeance in mind. Therefore, how will Ray control what she knows and then build upon this? Laura Ellen Anderson takes us deep within the Rainburrow as we sort through Ray’s dilemma and work out what is happening. Eye of the Storm is the much anticipated sequel to Rainbow Grey which introduced us to our indefatigable heroine and her world. Bookwagon loves and recommends it highly.


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