Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest


Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest is the perfect book to encourage children to learn about nature and how they can help. In the company of Ranger Hamza, three children and readers go on a learning journey to find out about nature’s everyday heroes.  We learn how the smallest seed, up to the tallest tree play a crucial role in our ecosystem. We also learn about how we all have a vital role to play.  Ranger Hamza explains the straightforward steps that help the planet, starting with the making of a mini water butt.

The book is stuffed full of tips on how to enhance and encourage local environmental improvement.  For example, don’t remove dandelions, encourage their growth – this will encourage all kinds of insects. The book also suggests planting sunflowers, providing nectar for insects and food for birds when the seeds dry out.

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Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest

Hamza Yassin, illustrated by Kate Kronrief

(Ivy Kids)

Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest is delightful.  The book will transport children into the vibrant world of nature and wildlife. The vivid illustrations and rhymes make the book so accessible.  Each page is stuffed full of information about the world around us, conservation and the importance of protecting the planet.  It makes it clear how easy it is to be able to make a difference in your neighbourhood.
What sets the book apart is its commitment to inform while also being entertaining. Using full colour illustrations by Kate Kronreif and engaging storytelling, key environmental concepts are introduced.  Biodiversity, recycling, and habitat conservation are covered in a way that is both accessible and fun. Furthermore, the importance of preserving natural habitats or discovering the wonders of the plant and animal kingdom, is emphasised throughout.  Through its charming illustrations and important messages, this book does so much to ignite a love for nature and inspire young eco-explorers.
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