Raven Child and The Snow Witch


While Anya’s father ‘clanged and banged in his workshop’, her mother sought to collect the first gentian flowers of spring from the glacier. Anya spoke with raven with the birds of her Snow Garden learning about the ice fields and forests ‘out there’.

When Anya’s mother is imprisoned by the Snow Witch, Anya determines to rescue her despite the odds. Through blizzards and dark, fear and lightning, Anya confronts the Snow Witch.

The story and theme of ‘Raven Child and The Snow Witch‘ are strong, original and magnetic. Daniel Egneus’s pictures are atmospheric and mesmerising. We love ‘Raven Child and The Snow Witch‘ and urge readers of all ages to enjoy and share its brilliance, message and beauty.

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Raven Child and The Snow Witch

Linda Sunderland, illustrated by Daniel Egneus

(Templar Publishing)

On the first Spring day, little Anya’s mother leaves the Snow Garden to pick gentian flowers from the glacier. When Anya hears her mother calling from the ice where she has been imprisoned by the Snow Witch, Anya is empowered by love and determination to set her free.
Raven Child and The Snow Witch‘ is word perfect, brilliantly plotted and imaginative. Bold, emotionally coloured pictures are symbolic to setting and the feelings. This is a superb picture book.


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