Read, Scream, Repeat


Read, Scream, Repeat is a very creepy, spine-tingling short story collection, expertly curated by Jennifer Killick.  The cream of Britain’s writers for children gather for this collection, which ranges from carpets possessed by evil spirits to monsters lurking in lakes.

Read, Scream, Repeat is a real feast for lovers of ghostly goings-on, lurking dangers and supernatural events. Bookwagon loves and recommends this superb collection.

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Read, Scream, Repeat

Curated by Jennifer Killick

Short stories by Kirsty Applebaum, Jasbinder Bilan, Aisha Busby, Joseph Coelho, Rachel Delahaye, Kat Ellis, Jennifer Killick, Polly Ho-Yen, Phil Hickes, Sharna Jackson, Elle McNicoll, Dan Smith and J T Williams 

Read, Scream, Repeat is an excellent collection of spooky, spine-chilling short stories by some of Britain’s foremost writers for children, expertly curated by Jennifer Killick.
A bag left on a train leads to a scary experience.  Is there really a monster lurking in a lake on a posh country estate?  What danger is faced by a group of children on a summer camp?  Ghost trees and supernatural paintings.  A schoolgirl’s homework project leads to a terrifying graveyard encounter.  A new home is a haunted house with dangers abounding.  A robot runs amok.  Can an old carpet in a house really contain evil spirits?  What lurks in an attic in a creepy old house?  Who are the mysterious Magpies?
These are some of the murky, scary themes featuring in these short stories.  Each one leads the reader on a frightening, unsettling journey into the unknown.
Bookwagon is proud to stock all of Jennifer Killick’s novels, including the Crater Lake and Dread Wood series.



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