Read the Book, Lemmings!


‘Foxy opened his book. ‘Read the book, lemmings!’ The book says you don’t.’ 

Repetition, misunderstanding, illiteracy, rodent daftness…. this is an hysterical, cyclical picture book of delight. ‘Read the Book, Lemmings!‘ takes the information that lemmings DON’T jump, as evidenced in Foxy’s book, to the source. However, the source cannot read the book.

‘Jump?’ It all begins again. ‘Read the Book, Lemmings!‘ is one of the funniest titles we’ve read, with bold poster strong illustrations, action, speech bubbles and mayhem.

We recommend, ‘Read the Book, Lemmings!‘ for bedtime, class time, in between time. It will be a favourite title read and recited repeatedly by readers of all ages.

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Read the Book, Lemmings!

Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Zachariah OHora

(Andersen Press)

‘Jump? I’ll jump! said a lemming. Me too! said a second. Ditto! said a third.’ And we’re off. ‘Read the Book, Lemmings!‘ is a whirlwind of confusion, good intentions, misunderstanding and- jumping. This is a superb picture book that will amuse and delight readers of any age. We recommend ‘Read the Book, Lemmings!‘ without hesitation. Jump!


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