Ready or Not


Over the course of a year, Millie’s written letters to Kat about the night of Kat’s disappearance, and its impact. Then again, she’s sought to work out all she knows about Kat. After all, she’s watched her since infancy, knowing every nuance and movement of this older, golden girl.

It seems the five ‘Creekers’, the children of university friends, who holiday annually at the Cornish Creek House, played a farewell game of Hide-and-Seek. Yet when Millie came to find them all, Kat was missing. She’s never been found.

So who knows anything? What happened to Kat?

Millie persuades the remaining ‘Creekers’ to gather for a year after the disappearance. It’s a chance for her to scour the location again, and then go further, to Noah, whom Kat insisted they met at the pub, and then Dom, Kat’s mother’s boyfriend for the holiday. What’s more, it seems that each of the ‘Creekers’ is hiding something…. including Millie.

Bookwagon recommends Ready or Not highly to our older, teen readers. This novel is compelling, curious and thoroughly disconcerting.

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Ready or Not

Tracy Darnton

(Little Tiger)

Ready or Not….. the words that ended the game of Hide-and-Seek played by the ‘Creekers‘ on their final night in the Cornish holiday home. It was Millie’s favourite game, and more of an indulgence, encouraged by Kat, that the older children played it. However on this occasion, this final occasion, Kat didn’t return. She never returned.
A year on from Kat’s disappearance, and Millie has persuaded the other three to reconvene at Creek House again. Millie’s sure there will be clues as to Kat’s vanishing. What’s more, the letters her counsellor suggests Millie writes Kat show that she does not believe Kat’s dead. So what happened on that night?
We flow between years, from the final holiday that the five were together, with their three families, to the return. Along the way we learn secrets and lies, including about the package Millie finds in the room she shares with Kat. We see how the others feel about each other and then the regular Creek House gatherings. Then we look at Millie and how they regard her. What is the truth?
Ready or Not from Tracy Darnton is compulsive. Like Things to Do Before the End of the World, we are desperate for answers and then to unravel the truths from the assumptions and silences. Bookwagon recommends this title highly to our older, teen readers.


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