READY! said Rabbit


It seems this lovely day is a perfect one for Rabbit and Dad to go out. However Rabbit has a lot to consider in preparing. After all, which clothes, toys, snacks, and then which vehicles? What if you want to take your bike AND your scooter. Therefore, when she calls Ready! she knows she’s checked through everything. However, Dad’s not so sure. It seems she cannot go out in her winter coat. Nor can she leave the house in any of the other combinations she creates.

After this, they need to look over the toys that Rabbit chooses. When she selects Elephant alone, he’s disappeared. However, in searching for him, she takes time to paint a picture, read a book…. doesn’t the day seem to be slipping away? Will there ever be a time we hear, READY! said Rabbit. 

Bookwagon loves the first story about Rabbit, NO! said Rabbit. Therefore, we’re delighted to be welcomed back for a return visit to the deft humour, crisp, sailor-clear pictures and approachable storytelling. Bookwagon loves and recommends READY! said Rabbit. 

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READY! said Rabbit

Marjoke Henrichs

(Scallywag Press)- hardback

‘It’s a lovely day’ said Daddy and therefore time to go out. It seemed that meant getting prepared, but Rabbit’s lots to think about. After all, what if you wanted to take both your bicycle and your scooter? Then you might have wanted to take your bear and your truck. What’s more, what about a ball? After all this, READY! said Rabbit. However, Daddy insisted winter coats were not to be worn on this outing.
Then again, what clothing should be worn, and furthermore which snacks should be taken? After all of this, which toy should be carried? Thereafter, if Elephant was the chosen companion, where would he be? It would be a little annoying to find ‘an interesting book to read’ while hunting, wouldn’t it?
After NO! said RabbitMarjoke Henrichs returns with a new picture book with our engaging lead character. Would Rabbit’s lengthy preparations lead to her understanding of the telephone call. Then again, would all the delays mean that Daddy and Rabbit’s outing might be cancelled? It seems that both are prevaricators! With bold, sea shiny pictures and such an animated story, Bookwagon loves READY! said Rabbit. However, we’d think twice before agreeing to join any day out with this pair!


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