Ready, Steady, School!


Although Pom has some time until he starts school, he’s keen to see what his woodland friends do at their various schools. Therefore, he trails them to see how the mice enter the school and enjoy starting the day with activities and explorations. Thereafter, the rabbits are straight into their first lesson of reading, writing and counting!

Meanwhile, the froglets are busy with arts and crafts. While paintings dry, they’re taking a break on the lily pads. As might be expected, the sloths are enjoying a nap time. Yet there’s little time for resting with the foxes, who are busy with exercising, from track and field to football!

While the wolves are enjoying library time, the day is drawing to a close for the tortoises. It seems everyone shares the responsibility for packing up. Pom watches the way the hedgehogs leave their school day. What does he make of it all?

It seems that his view has him keen to go to school too, to take up responsibility, learn and enjoy the dining hall, like the bears.

Marianne Dubuc is a picture book maker of unique skill and wonder. It seems as though we’ve been given a magnifying glass each with which to pore over each woodland school, realising the activity and interaction. The amusement, movement, commentary and anecdote is fascinating. It means that readers will enjoy discovering and rediscovering each school over and over.

Bookwagon loves Ready, Steady, School! We recommend this exceptional picture book for new school starters, at home, school and then for gifting. What an essential, outstanding title.

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Ready, Steady, School!

Marianne Dubuc

Translated by Sarah Ardizzone

(Book Island)– hardback

Ready, Steady, School! Although Pom doesn’t ‘start school until next year‘, he’s keen to see what’s all about. Therefore, he sets off to spend a day at the schools that his animal friends attend. It seems he is ‘keen to experience everything the animals have talked about’.
The first port of call is where the mice learn. It seems that they can be transported by Bird Bus. What’s more it’s a ‘Fun Place‘ full of climbing apparatus, shapes, and discovery. Thereafter, Pom arrives as the Rabbits have a class heading out to ‘the Carrot Museum’. There’s also a first lesson of reading, writing and counting.
Meanwhile, ‘at Bulrushes, everyone is drawing, making and painting’. It’s art time for the Froglets. While some finish their paintings, others are taking a break. What’s more, there’s further activity at ‘F for Foxtrot’ as the foxes ‘get physical’. It seems there’s ball skills, racket skills, cycling and track and field  in which to participate. All this activity seems to make Pom hungry!
As Pom travels further, he realise the full gamut the school offers, from meal times to friendships, lessons. library time, responsibilities and the routines of the beginning and end of the day.
Like Here Comes Mr PostmouseMarianne Dubuc, offers intricate details, anecdotes, asides, distractions and so much to entertain, inform and delight. Ready, Steady, School! is recommended for every school starter, for every Infant classroom. It is a glorious, wonderful, essential picture book


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