Real-Life Disasters


After winning the Blue Peter Award for Real-Life Mysteries, it is natural that Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker return with more. They have a solid format in presenting a story, then following it up with its location, eye-witness evidence, likely and scientific explanations.

While some of the Real-Life Disasters included, like the sinking of the Titanic are familiar, even here, we learn something new. Did you know, for example, that the metal used in the construction of this megalith was not strong enough to withstand icebergs? Then there are less familiar stories, such as the horrific ship collision in the Halifax harbour in 1917. Or the poisoning of Cameroon villages through poisonous lakes.

Real-Life Disasters is absolutely absorbing. Its research, studious presentation and content make this book one that draws readers in and maintains interest. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this title for home or school.

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Real-Life Disasters

Investigate What Really Happened!

Susan Martineau & Vicky Barker

(b small publishing)

Real-Life Disasters presents a number of global catastrophes across centuries. Science or misadventure explain some, yet others are bewildering. Information about each disaster is included alongside similar incidents, eye-witness evidence, location, and expert feedback. Yet there are discrepancies, such as in the pages that focus upon the Bermuda Triangle. While the US Coastguard ‘says there is nothing strange about the number of planes and ships going down’ the experience of those caught in this area seems inexplicable.
We read of lesser known disasters. For example did you know of the shipping collision in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1917? This event resulted in ‘the biggest man-made explosion until the‘ 1945 atomic bombs! The writers look at human endeavour and set back, such as the British airship disaster of 1930. It is likely that this tragedy resulted from not testing developments and a leak of ‘highly inflammable hydrogen gas’.
Real-Life Disasters is in the same series as Real-Life Mysteries, a Bookwagon bestseller and Blue Peter Award winner. These books are carefully organised and thoroughly readable. It feels as though readers are part of the investigation team. Bookwagon is proud to add this title to our selection.


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