Real- Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival


Anita Ganeri and Jianan Liu have created a thoroughly absorbing non-fiction animal book in Real- Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival.

Ten dragons are examined in detail alongside a longer, historical and geographical analysis. For example, we read the scientific information about the Australian Central Bearded Dragon, considering a portrait photo, against the illustrator’s examination. This includes data about its unique attributes. In this case, its colour, ‘strong legs and toes for climbing‘, spikes along its side and its ‘beard‘ beneath its chin. Thereafter, we read about the character’s evolution, habitat, behaviour and scientific discovery. Here, we read how, recently, scientists discovered that ‘a dragon’s colour depends on the time of day‘.

There are nine other creatures, from habitats as varied as limestone cliffs to coral reefs, from 6 centimetres in length to three metres (in the case of the Komodo dragon!)

Bookwagon is absorbed by Real- Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival. We recommend this title as an ideal book for discovering, comparing, learning and enjoying.

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Real- Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival

Anita Ganeri and Jianan Liu

(Wayland)– hardback

Alongside a factual photographic introduction to each dragon, Real- Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival readers are offered detailed information. For example, we read of the Southeast Asian Flying Dragon, with its ‘long tail for steering in the air’ and ‘elongated ribs‘. Thereafter, we’ve an in-depth examination of this ‘Draco Volans‘, flying dragon. It seems it has ‘evolved to take to the air’ over thousands of years. This means it is able to escape predators.
Then again, we read of the Mandarin Dragonet which lives in the tropical waters and coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Although it is only up to six centimetres in length, it seems this is a ‘spectacular sight’. What’s more, it is part of a family, that ranges in length from 2 cm- to 30 cm!
Anita Ganeri’s information on each of the ten dragon species, is thorough and fascinating. What’s more the use of photographs alongside the intricate, almost whimsical illustrations of Jianan Liu suggest a greater authenticity. Then again, we’ve an opportunity to explore creatures through centuries and then across the globe, from ocean to rainforest, woodland to grasses. Bookwagon recommends Real-Life Dragons and Their Stories of Survival hugely. It is an ideal companion piece to the mightyThe History of the World in 100 Animals


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