It’s the record-breakingly hot summer of 1988. Charlie and his mother have barely communicated since his father’s sudden death. Charlie’s going through the motions, frozen in grief.

When his mother sends him to stay with his grandparents, he is resentful and confused. He reassesses his relationships, with his mother, and friends, Skinny and CJ, the latter a girl whom he’s begun to see ‘differently’. In Washington, he deals with chores, rules, jazz truths and rules. He learns about his family and discovers his place, and one on a basketball team. With steps forward, and sometimes backward, Charlie begins to ‘Rebound‘.

‘Rebound’ is a magnificent novel that left me moved, enriched and emotional. Kwame Alexander’s narrative verse form directs us into Charlie’s innermost thoughts and feelings. The addition of comic book pages demonstrating inner action extends this connection.

Rebound‘ is the prequel to Kwame Alexander’s award-winning title, The Crossover

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Kwame Alexander, with illustrations by Dawud Anyabwile

(Andersen Press)

How can twelve- year old Charlie Bell ‘Rebound’ from tragedy?  He is suffering after the sudden death of his father. Furthermore he feels like nobody is suffering as he is. It seems like he is resentful and angry with the world.
Although it is a record-breakingly hot summer, Charlie’s mother feels she has no choice. Charlie must spend the weeks ahead with his grandparents in Washington. It’s time for him to take responsibility  and open up. Charlie must ‘Rebound‘. What will Charlie learn beyond chores? Could basketball offer him rather something more?
‘Rebound‘ is a masterpiece narrative verse form novel, from the verse prose writer of Booked. Like that title, it includes accompanying word art and comic pages. Furthermore, this is the prequel to the award-winning The Crossover in which we meet Charlie’s sons, Josh and JB.

Kwame Alexander–  winner of the Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King award:- Kwame Alexander talking about children’s literature


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