Red Red Red


When your pants and socks are all wrong and all you want is a biscuit but can’t reach and then the lid’s tight, and… it’s all Red Red Red! What is a little person to do? The words aren’t there, having your hair stroked doesn’t help and nobody really seems to understand! Or do they? Might Mum’s suggestion of taking a breath and counting to ten help, really- One…. Two…. Three…. 

Polly Dunbar picks apart the fear and frustration felt when everything falls apart. Through her bold shapes, lines, colours and changing focus, we are drawn into the start of the situation and thereafter bear witness as the scene unfurls. What can be done when everything is Red Red Red?

What an empathetic, considered and supportive picture book! Bookwagon suggests that many readers and families will identify themselves in this work. Furthermore, this thoughtful and helpful approach, will be welcomed, read and shared often.

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Red Red Red

Polly Dunbar

(Walker Books)– hardback

Red Red Red the fury and frustration grow. ‘My socks are down. My pants are twisted. – I WANT A-‘ What is wrong? Might it be help by ‘stroking hair‘, or managing to get the lid off the biscuit jar? Perhaps ‘a scream’, ‘a roar’, then hitting the floor might help? Or maybe just following Mum’s advice, to ‘count to 10 instead?’ Could it be that counting down might enable everyone to breathe?
We follow the journey from effort, to accident, to complete frustration. Thereafter we watch as the frustration grows. How might it all be helped? Thereafter, what are the feelings? Furthermore, why does everything around us feel so wrong, wrong, wrong? Is it possible to ‘get it right’?
It seems like Polly Dunbar’s charting of a huge emotional crisis resonates with everyone of us. We recognise these feelings. Furthermore, we identify with the overwhelming deluge of hopelessness. Yet, what can we do? Red Red Red is a thoughtful look at the situation. Bookwagon loves the way the situation is sequenced, with symbolic colouring, shapes, font styles and focus.


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