Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight


In Inspire, poet Alex Wharton explains how he ‘thinks in poems’ so that he ‘spill[s] them on the page’. It’s as though he walks ‘around and catch[es]/ every idea passing through’. However, as shown so clearly in this small, perfectly formed book of poetry, ‘Poetry is a power tool/ for everyone to use‘.

Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight is packed with inspiration, ideas and observations. It’s as though we’re given a glimpse into Alex Wharton’s mind. Thereafter, we join him working as he’s disturbed by the Birds’ ‘Scratch scratch/ pitter patter‘ seemingly returning to their rooftop gatherings every day. Then again, we share a hope of snow, waiting indoors, thinking of ‘the street’ like ‘a clean sweep of white fluff./ Icing sugar, fairy dust‘. What’s more, we understand the poet’s need to ‘spin off/ into nowhere,/ vanish[ing] into thin air‘ so as to be ‘Busy being free- listening, thinking.’

There’s a real sense of thinking, watching, encouraging in this work. Bookwagon loves Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight. We’re so happy to welcome this beautiful collection of poems aboard.

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Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight

Alex Wharton, illustrated by Ian Morris

(Firefly Press)

What about living ‘in that slim thing‘, that Lighthouse, to ‘listen// to seagulls, and the whispering shore‘? Then to ‘shine a light’ and ‘shine some more’?
It seems as though Alex Wharton‘s Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight, is rich with such possibilities and hopes. There’s the malicious kitchen sprawl of sluggish Mr Slime, who introduces this collection. Then again, we’ve the ‘sound-‘ that ‘flows in deep bass/ notes, where the/groove is a mood,/ an attitude‘ within the ‘floating’ Piano. We feel the rhythm, drive and intention!
What about the Welsh Dragon who stretches ‘out his claws‘ before lifting ‘his wings‘ to rise ‘from the underworld’ into the glinting sunlight? Then again, ‘Scratch, scratch,/ pitter, patter’ of The ‘Birdson the roof again‘ determinedly calling to each other, recreating their day’s work. It seems as though it ‘goes on/ Like this. Forever’.
The poet’s Daydreams and Jellybeans has been amongst Bookwagon‘s best loved poetry books. Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome this vibrant new collection aboard. Like its predecessor, these poems are immediate, instinctive, destined to be read again and again, known and loved.


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