Reek is set in a world near-destroyed by a huge toxic cloud caused by global warming.  Clean air has become a precious commodity.  One man, a billionaire industrialist and entrepreneur has cornered that market.  Axel Brodie has invented a process that filters and purifies the toxic air and has used this to create a massive global conglomerate that controls all aspects of commercial and social life.

Trying to survive in this dystopian world is Sparrow, struggling to make a living as a courier.  Visiting her friend Miriam, an eccentric, but genius inventor, she learns that Miriam claims to have invented an air tank for personal use that can filter the polluted air.  However, Brodie’s all-pervasive security police are also aware of the development.  When an explosion and dreadful fire leaves Sparrow apparently alone with the secret, she is handed the task of a very special delivery to Brodie’s impregnable, high-security fortress headquarters.

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Alastair Chisholm

(Barrington Stoke)

Reek is set in Edinburgh in the near future.  A toxic cloud caused by global warming has enveloped the world, rendering the natural air unbreathable.  However, the billionaire entrepreneur Axel Brodie has worked out how to take the polluted air and clean it through huge purifier factories and sells the clean air back to the people.  Those people are desperate but largely grateful to Brodie for their survival – but at what cost?  Brodie’s companies now dominate every aspect of society.
Sparrow lives in this world, eking out a living as a courier.  Her constant companion is Sam, her smart speaker and advanced personal digital assistant.  Sparrow lives with her grandpa, but is estranged from her brother Jamie.  One morning, following a courier delivery, she visits Miriam, one of her few friends.  Miriam is something of a genius inventor and reveals to Sparrow that she has invented an air tank that will allow people to breathe clean air without paying for it.  Unfortunately, Brodie’s security police are also aware of the invention and are following Miriam and Sparrow’s every move.  When a huge and suspicious fire destroys Miriam’s workshop, Sparrow is determined to get to the truth and has to make a final, crucial delivery of a parcel.  This parcel has to be delivered to Brodie’s high security, impregnable fortress headquarters.
Alastair Chisholm’s dystopian thriller is exciting and action-packed.  Against the backdrop of world irrecoverably damaged by the consequences of climate change, this is an intelligent and thoughtful story.  Bookwagon is pleased to stock a number of Alastair Chisholm’s middle grade novels, including Consequence Girl and I Am Wolf.


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