Reggie Houser Has the Power

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Can Reggie make the dog he cares for jump like a frog? Then again, can he make one of Mum’s ‘squealers’ think she’s a cat? What about the Headteacher? Could Reggie Houser’s powers of hypnosis extend that far?

Reggie’s not sad to be leaving primary school. After all, it’s a place where he’s met such chaos and unhappiness, where he’s not felt wanted or approved of. Then again, he’s not looking forward to Redbrook secondary school. He’s apprehensive of the noise, size, crush and chaos. The prospect is already looming large in his thoughts.

Reggie has ADHD. He works through strategies to cope when he can. However, when he and Mum win a stay at Trontin’s holiday camp, it seems as though he might have an answer. Is it possible that hypnotist, Michael Gareth, could provide Reggie with clues and a starter that he could learn about and practise hypnosis? Furthermore, might this be a way to win people’s approval, make them laugh, form friendships? Is there a chance it might help calm Reggie too? However, might it be that Reggie’s practice proves rather too interesting for a group of boys who want to use him to their own advantage?

Bookwagon loves Reggie Houser Has the Power. Not only is this middle grade novel very funny, but it’s insightful, empathetic, truthful and thoroughly gripping. What’s more, along the way, Helen Rutter includes hypnosis and self- help tips. We recommend this book highly.

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Reggie Houser Has the Power

Helen Rutter


Reggie’s aware that he worries his Mum. In fact, he knows that she talks to Dad about him, concerned that he’s no friends and in trouble at school constantly. Reggie’s anxious about starting Redbrook secondary school where there’ll be the same kids from primary school who avoid him or laugh at him. What can be done?
Might Michael Gareth, holiday camp hypnotist, hold the key? It seems that Reggie’s fascinated by the entertainer’s skills and determined to find out everything about hypnosis. Could this be the answer? A way that Reggie Houser Has the Power? Certainly, Reggie’s dedicated to learning about the nature of hypnosis and then how he might use his learning to his own advantage. While he may not be able to hypnotise Mum, he might try on Barnaby, the neighbour’s dog. Then again, what about at Redbrook? Could this be the start he needs, where his weird brain doesn’t get him into chaotic situations.
Helen Rutter demonstrates such empathy and insight through her middle grade books. Just think of The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh, for example. While we’re sympathetic with Reggie’s ADHD status, we’re also frustrated for him, so keen that he might get a break, that there is a friend for him, at the very least. Thereafter, his direction upon starting Redbrook has us on the edge of our seats! Reggie Houser Has the Power is an absorbing, empathetic and gripping novel, funny, warm and ultimately satisfying.

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  1. Paula hale

    Absolutely superb. This was impossible to put down. A much needed read for children and adults. I cannot wait to get this into school.

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