Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist


Despite his sister, Lettice’s derision, and his parents fears, Reggie Rabbit is determined to follow in the (paw prints) footsteps of his hero, (the great) Detective Fox. Although he’s solved many cases in Bearburgh City, it seems this detective is modest and  determined to share the accolades with Nora, his sidekick.

When new friend, Pipsquark offers clues about a case worrying Bearburgh City, Reggie’s keen for them to approach Detective Fox. However it will mean following the underground tunnels about which his Grandmother Lavender has told him. What’s more, what if Detective Fox sees Reggie and Pipsquark as just kids? Furthermore, what if their visit is overwhelmed by interfering ravens?

Bookwagon loves the construction of Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist. Not only does it run into chapters, but it’s interspersed with graphic pages too. It makes the setting, drama, action and intrigue even more exciting! Bookwagon loves and recommends Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist.

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Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist

Swapna Reddy and Becka Moor


Without carrots the fruit and vegetable market sellers are in trouble. What’s more, what are rabbits to do without carrots? While (the Great) Detective Fox glosses over his skills of detection, Reggie’s a fan. Furthermore, he’s taken note of the way Fox’s quick to pay tribute to Nancy, his close friend and sidekick.
It seems that Reggie’s determined to follow in the paw prints/footsteps of (the great) Detective Fox. To that end, he has a detective hat and cape to look the part. It doesn’t matter about his parents’ fears, or his sister’s mockery, Reggie’s focused on his mission.
Therefore, when carrots seems to be vanishing in fresh air, Reggie’s intrigued. Furthermore, could new pupil, Pipsquark, offer a few clues? Then again, what about Grandmother Lavender’s stories of an underground tunnel network? Is it possible that it might lead the friends to Bearburgh City where they might fill in Detective Fox and help solve the mystery? Welcome to Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist. 
Swapna Reddy and Becka Moor, of the Wigglesbottom Primary series, present such a bright, bushy-tailed, mheh, heh, heeeh, clever semi graphic novel. Bookwagon loves the twist in the (bunny) tale, the warm characterisations, ode to friendship and the sneaky crime story, too. We recommend Reggie Rabbit: The Great Carrot Heist to our readers.


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