Rex Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Alien


In Rex Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Alien, Rex goes on an intergalactic guinea pig rescue mission.  Life is going well for Rex until the school’s guinea pigs suddenly vanish from the pet show. As a dinosaur-turned-PE teacher, Rex immediately gets the blame. Determined to prove he hasn’t eaten any beloved pets, Rex, along with his friends Sandra, Anish and Bigfoot, set out to solve the guinea pig mystery. First they have to face up to the shifty city mayor, Jimmy Prigg, and then Rex must go undercover on a daring intergalactic rescue mission. This brilliant story is highly illustrated throughout and laugh-out-loud funny,

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Rex Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Alien

Elys Dolan

(Walker Books)

Rex has successfully completed his transformation into a good citizen.  All but his closest friends think he is a human, his disguises being perfect.  In Rex Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Alien, guinea pigs mysteriously disappear from the school pet show.  Rex gets the blame, but who really is responsible? Being an expert in hiding in plain sight, he believes another in disguise must be the guilty party.  He has to clear his name by bravely assuming an undercover mission.
The bombastic mayor Jimmy Prigg is the prime suspect and Rex is determined to prove Prigg is behind the disappearances.  However, not everything is as it seems in this hilarious story.  It soon becomes apparent that there are plenty of dodgy characters in this story.  Soon Rex and his pals are plunged into a wild adventure in space and back on earth.
The return of Elys Dolan’s wacky character is very welcome.  The story, dialogue and art work are all quite brilliant and genuinely laugh-out-loud.  An early exchange between Rex and Sandra as he tries to understand the words ‘guinea pig’ had this reviewer in stitches.
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