Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise


Sandra is suspicious about the noises she hears from Mr Foot and then Mr Rex. What’s more, we know her suspicions are well founded. It seems Rex has awakened from the Ice Age into a strange, Cheez- Nubbins’ flavoured human world. What’s more, Rex’s taste for things in the human world and his precarious appearance make a job and disguise essential. What might be found?

Mr Foot, (Bigfoot), has managed in the human world for some time. He has leads and ideas. However he is not keen on Rex demonstrating any sort of initiative about the office, while Rex’s inability to swim makes him a bad starter as a life guard with Nessie. Thereafter, what about Dodoburgers?

Furthermore, what of Sandra’s tracking? What might she detect? What’s more, how might she react should she discover the truth about Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise?

Bookwagon loves this introduction to a new series from favourite funny writer and illustrator, Elys Dolan. We recommend this title highly to our readers.

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Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise

Elys Dolan

(Walker Books)

Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise has a dilemma. While it is wonderful to awaken from the Ice Age, the new era is not a safe place for someone of his species. Therefore, he needs to escape detection. What avenues might there be? It seems that getting a job is the priority!
It seems Bigfoot has suggestions and leads. After all, he’s managed to survive with style for some years without any humans realising! Therefore he’ll be the one to find Rex’s port of call, the job to which the small dinosaur’s suitable, surely? Might it be working with Nessie as a lifeguard, perhaps? Or could the call for snacks be more than Rex’s sense of duty can cope with? It seems a role in the office, especially with coffee, is not Rex’s calling. Then again, it seems somebody is suspicious about the noises she hears and the clues she’s finding. What might Sandra detect?
Alongside hilarious illustrations, Elys Dolan offers such an imaginative, rollicking and hilariously inventive story in Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise. Our expectations were very high after enjoying her books, including Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town or Knighthood for Beginners.
Our hearts are in our mouths, as we watch Rex’s tender footsteps approach roles in the human world, knowing that Sandra’s on he hunt. Are there friends for dinosaurs in a human world? Then again, what roles are there- really?


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