Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle


Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle is astounded by Buster’s heroic tale of how he came by the banana. It appears he had to move a boulder as big as an elephant, and scare away a snake! Buster’s horn and startling wings have such impact! Meanwhile, Rex’s attention is diverted by a noise that reveals a…. monkey!

While monkeys seek bananas, it appears that crunchy, crispy rhinoceros beetles have dining appeal too! Surely Buster will step up to the plate and face off the monkey? Buster? What is Rex to do? Can he show the sort of courage of which Buster boasts?

Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle is a fascinating story of true heroism and loyalty, yet it expands our learning appreciation into new entomological areas! Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Rex and Buster aboard!


Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle

M.G. Leonard, illustrated by Duncan Beedie


Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle is captivated by Buster’s tale of how he returned to the rainforest with a banana. It seems that Buster was forced to ‘roll a boulder as big as an elephant against the banana plant’. Thereafter, Buster learns that Rex ‘chopped ‘it down with’ his horn! Rex can barely believe his ears! Even more astounding is that Buster ‘rose up onto [his] back legs’ to frighten away a snake! However, as they speak, Rex hears a ‘CRACK’! Could it be a monkey? What’s more, might this monkey be interested in crispy, crunchy beetles? What can Rex or Buster do? It seems that Rex may have misled Buster about his bravery!
 Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle educates us about these fascinating creatures. Furthermore, through this  enchanting picture book, we become gripped by a story of strength and courage. Therefore, is is possible that Rex might find strengths he didn’t know he had? Or could it be that Buster might demonstrate his heroism, and seek to ‘scare the monkey away’.
Duncan Beedie’s pictures are sharp, strong, and rainforest bold. I love the way the sequences of Buster’s banana capture, contrast with the full, glorious dramatic pictures of Rex’s heroism! What’s more, the enthusiasm of Beetle Queen M.G. Leonard  for her subject is evident through the crafting of such a delightful story.


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