Rhyme Crime


It’s a ‘Rhyme Crime’! A thief is replacing items he steals with rhymes! It’s ridiculous! Gertie’s pretty house is now a giant ….? Marlow’s happy smile is a ….? You can hardly believe it! How might the thief be stopped?

Jon Burgerman has created a really beaming, bold extravaganza of rhyme, colour and imagination. Each page introduces a character, crime and a pause before the rhyme. The characters and situations are not predictable. The writer concentrates on eye and sound appeal. There’s suspense as we  turn the page to discover what the thief has chosen as a replacement item. On every occasion it’s a little different, a little more than is predictable. The thief’s denouement is a very funny delight!

‘Rhyme Crime‘ is recommended for home, for sharing and laughing over, for quoting from, and for classroom enjoyment.


Rhyme Crime

Jon Burgerman

(Oxford University Press)

What do you get when a thief’s in town? Rhymes! It’s a ‘Rhyme Crime‘! Hammy’s hat is replaced by a…? Blue’s cake replaced by a…? What a shock! What ‘Rhyme Crime’! Jon Burgerman matches wild eyed creatures with highly amusing rhymes. Want to laugh? Want to rhyme? It would be a crime not to!


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