Rhyme Hungry


Let’s open out our meal. It seems there’s something hiding beneath our plate. After all, ‘it’s lunchtime’ and we’re Rhyme Hungry. Therefore, we’ll settle for a ‘cheese toastie‘. However let’s flip the flap and find a ‘cheese ghostie‘!? Thereafter, how about some ‘tomato soup’? Or could it be that it’s hiding a ‘tomato swoop’?

Bookwagon can imagine reading this at meal time. What’s more, we can see this being recited, recalled and then rephrased too. So, a ‘strawberry milkshake’ anybody? Or might it be a ‘strawberry milkshake‘? Are you brave enough to flip the flaps?

Not only is the rhyme a joy and the creativity a delight but Antonia Pesenti’s images are beautiful to look over. Their clarity and brightness are so effective alongside the bold, rhyming text. Still a little peckish? Could we tempt you with some ‘instant noodles’ or might it be that you’d like something yappier? How about ‘instant poodles‘?

Bookwagon welcomes this award-winning book for very young readers aboard. What’s more, we recommend it as a treasure to share at home in nurseries, and then to give and know well, too. Rhyme Hungry is a triumph!

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Rhyme Hungry

Antonia Pesenti

(Scribe Publications)

Are you Rhyme Hungry? Maybe tempted by a ‘cheese toastie‘ or even, thereafter, a ‘cheese ghostie‘? Then again, how about ‘garden fresh peas’, or possibly ‘garden fresh bees’? It seems the fun and the rhyming are constant!
The additional joy is the pleasure to be found when opening a full page. What might be lying beneath our plate? Maybe there could be a little prediction, or even some recall. Therefore, ‘artichoke’ could be…. an ‘articroak‘? We can imagine some sounds here, maybe such as we’d enjoy with another early picture book ideal to share, like Sing Like a Whale.
Award-winning artist/ designer Antonia Pesenti offers another foundation rhyming experience with Rhyme Hungry. Like the works of Jean Julien, this is imaginative, solid, perfectly imagined and presented and ripe for sharing. Bookwagon loves the variety of foods shown, the creativity in the rhyming parallels and then the bold text and clean-cut images. There’s something about the bold painterly colours and strength of this book that make it determined to be a long held favourite by very new readers.
Shortlisted for the Australian Speech Pathology Book of the Year; long listed by ABDA , for the Australian Book Design Award, Best Designed Children’s Fiction Award; winner Bookstagang Best Board Book.





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