Rise of the Shadow Dragons


Joe’s destiny has always been to follow the path of his half-brother, Isak, and half-sister, Taryn, and cousin Milla, to become a dragon rider. Therefore on Hatching Day, which coincides with his twelfth birthday, he feels prepared, if not rather anxious. His dreams and thereafter his gifts, suggest a future intertwined with a purple dragon hatchling.

However, what befalls Joe, and thereafter those present at the ceremony, ends in injury and disgrace. Joe runs to lick his wounds and recover, albeit into an underground world of which he knew nothing before. Furthermore, his retreat is shared by a Dragonless girl, who helps Joe recover and explore their new home. What they discover will change their world, and the island of Arcosi forever. In addition, it coincides with the uprising of a group disaffected by the new ways of Arcosi, which are more tolerant and equal. How can what Joe learns and nurtures hope to quell this? Then, again, could there be something bigger, more potent and permanent, that could destroy everything in its path?

Rise of the Shadow Dragons follows Liz Flanagan’s magnificent Dragon Daughter While this is a sequel, it is a successful stand-alone or alongside novel, also. We are captivated by the world that the writer creates for us, but also Joe’s trial, recovery, discovery and emergence. Bookwagon recommends Rise of the Shadow Dragons to its readers, highly.


Rise of the Shadow Dragons

Liz Flanagan

(David Fickling Books)– hardback

Jowan Thornsen dreams of fulfilling the role of dragon rider. He has no idea of the Rise of the Shadow Dragons. However events that befall him on Hatching Day result in his humiliation, disappearance and thereafter the recovery of Arcosi. Why does Joe dream of a purple dragon? What possible use might there be for small knife his mother gifts him? Thereafter, how might his future so be so bound with that of the poor Dragonless girl who skirts the crowds on Hatching Day?
We return to Arcosi, home of Dragon Daughter, and a new generation. Joe is a Potential, proudly following the tradition initiated by Milla, his cousin, and healer, and his half-brother Isak and half sisterTaryn. Yet as Joe’s life spins out of control after Hatching Day, he finds hidden worlds beneath the island, alongside a precious friend and the hint of life from legends. What must Joe go through in his exile to recover himself, self-respect, and thereafter save the island from an uprising? Thereafter, what might the discovery of eggs deep beneath Arcosi suggest for him, and the islanders? What have shadow dragons to do with the island’s future?
Rise of the Shadow Dragons is absolutely glorious. The life-force of the dragons is almost tangible. It means you feel the devotion between dragon and dragon rider, and feel committed to our hero’s discovery and success. We recommend this brilliant book to you!


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