Rock-a-bye Rumpus


Ring the bell, Knock at the door,/ Peep in,/ Lift the latch,/ Walk in,/ Go way down cellar and eat apples‘/ Within the baby section of Rock-a-bye Rumpus, we arrive at this action rhyme. Julia Donaldson suggests that every line could include such as action as tapping, peeping, tilting and gentle tickles.

Then again, with something as familiar as One, Two, Three, Four, Five, each action is suggested within the rhyme. What about that ‘fish alive’?

Not only do the seven sections of this wonderful book coincide with the growing of the reader, but then the selected verse focus upon a theme, or body part. Thereafter, we’ve fingers and thumbs with Two Little Dicky Birds (or the Scottish equivalent Twa Wee Birdies), Tommy Thumb, Little Pea and Round and Round the Garden.

Thereafter, we’ve the bold outdoors with I Went to School One Morning, Two Feet, Going Shopping, Jump or Jiggle.

Bookwagon admires the care and attention of this curation. Then again its organisation is spot on. Furthermore, Sébastien Braun’s illustrations are bright, slick and beautiful. Altogether, Bookwagon suggests that Rock-a-bye Rumpus is ideal for every young reader’s bookshelf, a ‘must’ for reading aloud, knowing, gifting and treasuring.

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Rock-a-bye Rumpus

Action rhymes for the very young

Poems chosen by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Sébastien Braun

(Pan Macmillan)

‘Little head,/ fluffy hair,/ stork it softly/ dreams are there‘. Joseph Coelho opens Rock-a-bye Rumpus, a wonderful collection of action rhymes from fellow, former Children’s Laureate, Julia Donaldson.
Within this sumptuous collection are verses known and new. Then again, the book is arranged to coincide with the reader’s development, from baby to child. Furthermore, there are suggestions as to the actions that might fit with the verse. For example, with This Little Cow,  reminiscent of This Little Piggy, also included, we might wriggle toes in turn, just as in the more familiar verse. Thereafter, there are rhymes where the actions are evident. What about Who is It? It seems that with this rhyme from Theresa Heine, it’s natural to point out ‘a head, some shoulders, knees and toes./ A mouth and eyes that see’...
The selections are wonderful, fulsome, comprehensive and inspiring. Then again, Sébastien Braun’s illustrations are precise, beautiful and so appealing! Like Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss, Bookwagon suggests that Rock-a-bye Rumpus is an essential addition to every young reader’s bookshelf. We love this book and recommend it highly.


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