Rory and the Snack Dragons


Rory has a short time only to try to live up to the chance offered by Great Grand-dragon, otherwise he’ll be an outcast, non-flying dragon. Then again, he’s already different from others of his kind. Not only is he smaller, but he doesn’t share their taste for princesses. Bits of left overs such as crowns and sparkly shoes, maybe, but nothing else. It means that when stocks are low and a dragon hunt is in order, Rory goes into hiding. However, being discovered leads to this final chance…

Then again, what if a princess appears by accident? One attached to a tasty, crunchy bicycle? Is it possible that Rory’s chance has appeared alongside a tasty snack, or could Flora have a deal upon which to shake a green-slimed talon?

Bookwagon loves and recommends Rory and the Snack Dragon, a charming adventure, full of magic, twists, turns and friendship.

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Rory and the Snack Dragons

Louisa MacDougall, illustrated by Giulia Cregut

(Little Door Books)

What if you’re a small dragon without a taste for princesses? Isn’t that the rule? Something shared by all dragons? However, this is Rory’s problem. In fact, when Rory’s discovered having hidden from the Dragon Hunt, Big Beastly determines upon the worst of punishments. In fact, it’s only thanks to Great Grand-dragon’s intervention that he has a second chance! However it means capturing a princess for dragon tea. It’s not to Rory’s taste at all. He’s more inclined toward bicycles!
Therefore, when he spies Flora’s bicycle he’s overjoyed. However it seems there’s a problem, for Flora’s attached. What’s more, Flora has secrets which might prove difficult when she and this dragon begin to negotiate. Then again, is it possible that Rory’s tastebuds could be delighted by something other than crunchy bicycles? Something that Flora could conjure up? Might this be a recipe for Rory and the Snack Dragons?
Louisa MacDougall has created such a magical story of adventure and friendship, reminiscent of Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest, for example. What’s more the inferred messages about being brave, facing fears and bullies, are handled so thoughtfully. However, there are other thoughts, such as Flora’s delight in discovering flight alongside Rory’s skills, discovered thanks to his friendship.
Bookwagon suggests that Rory and the Snack Dragons is a title that will be well loved by readers growing in confidence and stamina.


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