Rory Branagan Detective: The Big Cash Robbery


Rory Branagan is an actual Detective – no, really.  He solves real crimes and he thinks at any rate that he IS the best detective in town. In this, the third in the hilarious comedy-crime series, Rory sets out to find out who stole the cash raised by him and his friends at a school fete.

The investigation is vitally important because Rory’s usual accomplice Cassidy ‘the Cat’ Callaghan has been falsely accused of stealing the cash.  Rory plunges into his new crime-fighting adventure with gusto, encountering the biggest crime lord ever, head teachers that look like turkeys, and a real live Komodo Drgaon.

Brilliantly funny illustrations from Ralph Lazar sparkle throughout this latest hilarious addition to Andrew Clover’s super series for readers 8-12 years of age.


Rory Branagan Detective: The Big Cash Robbery

Andrew Clover, with illustrations by Ralph Lazar

(Harper Collins)

This is the third in the hugely funny Rory Branagan series from Andrew Clover and Ralph Lazar.  A series that just gets better and better.  Dastardly villains, heroic dogs and Rory’s intrepid friend Cat Cassidy all return to howls of laughter and delight.
When Cat is falsely accused of stealing the cash raised at the school fete, Rory applies all his best ‘detectiving’ skills to hunt down the real culprits.  Along the way, Rory finds an ally in the biggest crime lord ever and has to escape the attentions of head teachers that look like turkeys.  He even has to fight off a real live Komodo Dragon!


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