Rory Branagan Detective: The Dog Squad


Rory Branagan Detective returns in this equally hilarious follow-up as he and his accomplice Cat Cassidy try to discover who is stealing dogs in the neighbourhood.   What if the thieves take sausage dog Wilkins Welkin? He is Rory’s best friend!  There are plenty of suspects to consider. Rory and Cat find themselves amidst ever more bizarre and risky calamities.

Rory Branagan Detective: The Dog Squad‘ is laugh-out-loud funny. Ralph Lazar’s deceptively simple and quirky illustrations by Ralph Lazar add strength to the humour.  This is catnip for lovers of madcap adventures. Bookwagon loves this sequel to Rory Branagan, Detective


Rory Branagan Detective: The Dog Squad

Andrew Clover, illustrated by Ralph Lazar

(Harper Collins)

Rory Branagan returns with a new investigation! Someone in the neighbourhood is stealing dogs .  Could sausage dog Wilkins Welkin, Rory’s best friend, be next?  Rory is reunited with Cat Cassidy in an effort to find the dastardly thieves.
Rory Branagan Detective: The Dog Squad‘ is a fantastically funny and very silly adventure. Andrew Clover’s story is convincing. Ralph Lazar’s simple yet evocative illustrations delight.


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