Rory Branagan Detective: The Great Diamond Heist


This is the final chapter in the brilliant Rory Branagan series by Andrew Clover, with super-funny illustrations by Ralph Lazar.

Rory is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of his Dad’s disappearance.  At the same time he went missing, so did the fabulous Dame Norton diamond.  Rory and his accomplice Cat Cassidy set out to identify all the clues and to avoid all the red herrings along the way.  It’s not just Rory and Cat that are searching for his Dad however – so are the police and arch-criminal Mick Mulligan.  And how does Mulligan always seem to know where Rory and Cat are all the time.  Could there be a traitor close to Rory?

This is a rollicking, daft and very funny conclusion to the series and fans will rush to find out what happens.

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Rory Branagan Detective: The Great Diamond Heist

Andrew Clover and Ralph Lazar

(Harper Collins)

This is the final book in the hilarious series featuring Rory Branagan Detective and his accomplice Cat Cassidy.  Good news! It’s just as funny and intriguing as all the others.
Rory is determined to solve the mystery of his Dad’s disappearance seven years earlier.  He and Cat revisit all the clues as Rory dredges his memory.  At the same time that Rory’s Dad went missing, so did the famous Dame Norton Diamond.  Could the two disappearances be connected?  Rory and Cat are not the only ones searching for his Dad however. So are the police and Mick Mulligan, head of the local crime gang.
Rory battles against his fears and his deepest suspicions to solve the mystery.  Nothing will hold him back however, not the deepest sea, nor the bluest skies, not even a fiercely venomous Komodo dragon!  It’s never plain sailing with Rory and he is about to get another huge shock – could there be a traitor close to him?
This is a fabulous series, perfect for those readers moving on to early chapter books.  Andrew Clover’s daft and hugely funny words are matched perfectly with Ralph Lazar’s deceptively simple illustrations, both therefore to great effect.
The entire Rory Branagan series is available in the Bookwagon on-line store.  Start with the first (Rory Branagan Detective).
Find out more about the world of Rory Branagan on his official web site


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