Rory Branagan, Detective


Rory Branagan lives with his Mum and his very annoying older brother. His best friend is his next door neighbour’s dog Wilkins. Rory dreams of becoming a detective and solving the mystery of his Dad’s disappearance, especially as no-one will talk to him about it.  When he meets Cassidy, an intrepid cub-detective herself, they set out to find some answers, as well as solving an apparent poisoning at a nearby dodgy restaurant.

Rory Branagan, Detective‘ is a very funny book with hilarious illustrations by the man behind the Happiness Is…comic strips. This is a perfect reading choice for all budding detectives!


Rory Branagan, Detective

Andrew Clover and Ralph Lazar (illus.)

(Harper Collins)

Rory Branagan, Detective‘ is a hugely funny romp about a boy, desperate to become a detective and discover why his father disappeared.  Rory Branagan, Detective‘ includes great illustrations by Ralph Lazar, famous for the Happiness Is…comic strips. ‘Rory Branagan, Detective‘ is full of jokes and populated by quirky, memorable characters. 


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