Rory Branagan Detective The Deadly Dinner Lady


Rory Branagan is widely acknowledged (well, by Rory and his intrepid side kick Cat Cassidy at least) as the best detective in town.  We welcome ‘Rory Branagan Detective The Deadly Dinner Lady‘, the fourth in  the silly, side-splitting comedy crime series.Rory is determined to solve the dastardly poisoning of the most unpopular and fearsome dinner lady, Ms Rhodes.

Rory and Cat spring into action to find the poisoner amongst a glorious cast of weird and wonderful suspects.  The super illustrations by Ralph Lazar are deceptively simple and never less than than hilariously silly.


Rory Branagan Detective The Deadly Dinner Lady

Andrew Clover, illustrations by Ralph Lazar


Rory Branagan Detective The Deadly Dinner Lady welcomes back intrepid detectives Rory and Cat in their fourth hilarious comedy-crime adventure. We were up to our ears in wide-eyed surprise after Rory Branagan Detective: The Big Cash Robbery!
This time the pair is attempting to solve their biggest ever case! Who is responsible for the despicable poisoning of the Deadly Dinner Lady, Ms Rhodes? There are so many suspects! As ever, the set-piece comedy moments are brilliant. These include a‘grammar rap’ from Mr Bolton, deputy head teacher.Furthermore, the pathos is rich, suggesting so many opportunities that readers might infer meaning and feelings. There seems to be a lot going on in this series that draws us back and again and again.
Every page of ‘Rory Branagan Detective The Deadly Dinner Lady‘ is laden with jokes and surreal set ups.  As ever, the brilliant illustrations by Ralph Lazar illuminate and extend the comedy. Therefore, with delight, Bookwagon invites readers to step into the kitchen to help solve this canteen- cutlery clashing crime.


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