Rosalind Franklin


Rosalind Franklin’s intelligence and persistence were demonstrated in her early learning. She excelled at sciences and was determined to pursue a career in scientific discovery despite her gender and the interruption of a world war.

The science that interested her most were the mysteries of DNA- ‘the biological building blocks of life’. Although Rosalind Franklin first defined and identified the shape and structure of DNA, two other scientists took the credit and awards. It has only been during this century that Franklin’s role, and the ordeals she faced, both professionally and personally, have been realised.

Michael Ford’s ‘Rosalind Franklin‘ is intricately researched. We realise the setting within which Rosalind Franklin lived, from her family and London home, and thereafter, the time frame. Furthermore, we look at the understandings of the age, how Franklin worked, what she was looking for, and what she found. We have a real sense of the science, the geography, but most truly, the person. This is a keen, fascinating biography. Bookwagon is proud to recommend, ‘Rosalind Franklin‘.

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Rosalind Franklin

A Life Story

Michael Ford


Rosalind Franklin’ has become known as the scientist short-changed by science because of her gender. Although she was the pioneer researcher who correctly identified the shape and structure of the DNA molecule. Franklin’s determination and focus did not endear her to her peers; she broke barriers beyond her career. Women were neither fully accepted nor welcomed within the heady halls of academia, yet Franklin dared to speak up, disagree and ask questions.
Rosalind Franklin was born to a comfortable London family. While her father encouraged equal educational opportunity for his daughters, he was wary of Rosalind’s lifestyle, independence and daring. University society doubted and sidelined her. However, Franklin’s persistence and intelligence have finally resulted in recognition of her real role as a scientific trailblazer.
Bookwagon is proud to introduce this proud snapshot of a titan of scientific discovery within a range of such biographies as How to Be Extraordinary and Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World.


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