Rose’s Dress of Dreams


Rose’s Dress of Dreams‘ incorporates moonlight and sunlight. Rose dreams about dresses of silver and gold, lace and silk. Yet small town Abbeville offers her little encouragement. Using the inspiration of a palm reading, Rose travels to Paris. There she learns the craft of dress making under the care of a first class couturier. Chance plays into her hands when she delivers one of Mademoiselle Pagelle’s designs to the French court.

‘Rose’s Dress of Dreams‘ is descriptive, encouraging and truly inspirational. The story of Rose Bertin, dressmaker to Marie Antoinette is fascinating. It encouraged me to research her and her role in the French court, and with other European Royal houses, further.

Katherine Woodfine and Kate Pankhurst have created a really enticing story, sure to delight. This is a Barrington Stoke Little Gems’ dyslexia friendly title.

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Rose’s Dress of Dreams

Katherine Woodfine, with illustrations by Kate Pankhurst

(Barrington Stoke Little Gems)

Rose’s Dress of Dreams‘ is woven from moonlight and starlight. Nothing like that is seen on the streets of Abbeville, or sewn by the fine seamstresses to the French Royal Court. How can Rose fulfil that dream, the one foretold by her palm reader? This is a fascinating account of the life of Rose Bertin,dressmaker to the court of Louis XVI.

Dyslexia friendly format


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