Rosie Is My Best Friend


What does ‘SUCH a good day’ hold for you? Maybe it’s the same as this? It might begin with awakening before anyone else in the house, before undertaking a little training. There might be cleaning and shopping and tidying and then a very long walk? Perhaps there’s time for exploring at home, then some further adventures before lights out.

Along the way there might be slight setbacks, like the appearance of a very big dog. However, as long as you’re with your most loyal pal, you can withstand anything. That’s how it is when ‘Rosie is My Best Friend’.

Ali Pye offers a warm, encouraging narrative, and wide-eyed, expressive, adoring and colourful pictures. ‘Rosie is My Best Friend’ is a title to treasure, and to read again and again.


Rosie is My Best Friend

Ali Pye

(Simon & Schuster)

‘Rosie is My Best Friend’ and ‘today has been SUCH a good day-  because I spent it with Rosie.’ We tried to awaken before everyone else, then we practised commands. We helped in the garden, shopped and tidied before taking ‘a good long walk.‘ There was mud and zipping and zooming, and the approach of a big, fierce dog. We were brave together.
After more adventuring and exploring it’s time to settle down together and reflect on a great day. ‘Tomorrow could be even better.
We love Ali Pye’s illustrations, alongside The Adventures of Harry Stevenson, one of Bookwagon’s most popular titles. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome ‘Rosie Is My Best Friend‘ aboard. This is a charming, empathetic, positive picture book of friendship, safety and loyalty. It is a joy to read, share and treasure.


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