Rosie Loves Jack


‘Rosie Loves Jack’. She loves the way he makes her feel. He knows how to make her happy. Jack has anger issues. He’s been sent to Brighton after another outburst. Rosie knows Jack needs her. Yet Dad doesn’t like Jack and hides the postcards he sends Rosie. He wants Rosie to forget about Jack and get on with college. How can Rosie forget about Jack when everything reminds her of him?

Rosie plots her route from Henley-on-Thames across London to Brighton, where Jack will be waiting for her behind the house with the green door. Rosie has her money saved from her part-time job. She’s wearing her lucky purple Doc Marten boots. She’s pinned on her butterfly brooch. Rosie is carrying all the postcards that Jack sent and she found so she might keep her Jack safe.

Rosie has everything worked out for her journey, except the weather… What if the weather means the trains can’t run and she’s stuck in London. Who can Rosie trust? Does everyone keep their promises? Will people who meet Rosie realise she’s a ‘human bean’ just like Mum says? Will they see beyond her ‘condition’? Will Rosie make it to Jack? He needs her, and ‘Rosie Loves Jack‘?

‘Rosie Loves Jack’ is real, moving and engrossing. We tread each purple toed step with Rosie. Every encounter makes us wary and protective. We cheer at Rosie’s determination, her ‘thinking cap’, Mum’s inner encouragement and her focus on reaching ‘her’ Jack. This is a harrowing book because it matters and we are so involved in Rosie’s quest. We urge our older readers to join Rosie in ‘Rosie Loves Jack’. 


Rosie Loves Jack

Mel Darbon


‘Rosie Loves Jack’ and Jack loves Rosie. She knows it. Rosie needs to find Jack. Dad doesn’t like Jack’s influence on Rosie. He wants to keep Rosie safe from Jack and his anger. Yet, Rosie knows that Jack loves her and needs her. She can travel from Henley-on-Thames, across London, to Brighton, can’t she? Rosie can work out the stops and the route to the house with the green door in Brighton. Jack needs her. ‘Rosie Loves Jack’. Nothing can get in the way of this- can it?

This book is recommended as being suitable for older readers only.

A WORLD BOOK NIGHT choice for 2019
A YA BOOK OF THE YEAR in the Sunday Times Culture Section
A BOOK OF THE YEAR also for Book Trust and The Reading Zone
Shortlisted for the 2019 Leeds Book Award in the 14-16 category
The featured title for The 2019 Sussex Schools Big Summer Read, where kids, teachers and parents across Sussex will be encouraged to read it and schools will base their schoolwork around it


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