‘Rufus’ is a truly scary monster, but he doesn’t think he’s very good at his job.  This is mainly because where he lives there isn’t anyone to scare.  This isn’t going to put Rufus off! He sets out to find some Peoply People to scare.

‘Rufus‘ is a hugely entertaining and very funny new book by the author of the highly popular Man on the Moon books, Simon Bartram.  The bold, expressive illustrations, and tongue-in-cheek story are delightful. We recommend ‘Rufus’ to Bookwagon readers.



Simon Bartram

(Templar Books)

‘Rufus‘ is a monster, but he doesn’t think he’s a very good one. He knows monsters are supposed to scare Peoply People, but there aren’t any of those in his desert. So Rufus sets out to find some. Through the use of glorious colours and very witty illustrations we follow Rufus on his quest to find someone to scare.
This very funny new work from the author of the brilliant Man on the Moon.  It is likely to become just as much a favourite with young readers.


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