Rumble Tumble


This is a lovely story about a bear, his sandwich, an inconveniently-placed rock, and a very bumpy journey down a hill. It’s a riotously enjoyable adventure that has been developed and tested by Ben Newman with his own preschool children.

The bear is looking forward to eating his yummy sandwich, but there’s a huge BUMP! Oh no, he has tripped on a rock. Then there’s a big FLUMP! He starts tumbling down the hill, and into a bunch of unsuspecting woodland animals.  Children will be delighted to turn the special cut-away pages and enjoy the rhythmic, onomatopoeic words in this joyful and boisterous story.  It is perfect for reading aloud and sharing with pre-school children.  A deceptively simple story about unexpected friendships, sharing and adventure!

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Rumble Tumble

A Flip-Flap Story

Ben Newman


This is a great fun and highly immersive tale about a bear, his sandwich and a whole lot of mayhem.  The book has shaped pages to turn, page flaps to explore and chuckles galore.  There are also lots of noisy words to say!
The bear is looking forward to eating his scrumptious sandwich. All of a sudden however there is a big BUMP!   He trips on a rock and tumbles. Then there is a big FLUMP! and he starts tumbling down the hill. He falls into the path of some unsuspecting creatures, such as the raccoon and the Wolf.  And that’s when the adventure really begins!  The author Ben Newman has developed and tested the story on his own preschool-aged children.
Rumble Tumble is based on common animal noises and miming games played by nursery children everywhere. The lively and rhythmic words in this story are easy to remember and say together.  Couples with the dynamic, colourful illustrations and cut-away pages, this book helps preschoolers develop vital pre-reading skills.  What’s more it’s great fun!
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Ben Newman’s web site shows the great range of his illustrations and books for children.


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