‘Rumblestar‘ is one of the Unmapped Kingdoms, sharing the magic of the phoenix with Faraway lands. This means nothing to Casper, who is battling bullies, fears, loneliness, climate and insecurity.

When Candida chases him inside the grandfather clock of his turret home, he is astounded to discover he has slipped into an Unmapped Kingdom. Suddenly, he is fighting another battle; to defend his innocence within unfamiliar surroundings. Thereafter, his captor, Utterly, and her miniature dragon, become his companions. Together, they take on the quest to save ‘Rumbelstar‘ from the advance of the wicked Morg, determined to steal the phoenix’s magic for own evil ends. Is Casper fit for the task? He is a boy afraid of everything, who lives in the shadows. Utterly, is focused only on winning the prize and earning her parents’ respect, while easing her conscience.

Abi Elphinstone is a lyrical writer, with words of wisdom, magic and soaring beauty. We recognise the fears and victories of Casper and Utterly. This writer’s creatures and settings are lush and sherbet scented. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend ‘Rumblestar’ to our readers. This is a rich, compelling, exciting fantasy adventure full of visual thrills, with strong, yet subtle, environmental and social messages.



Abi Elphinstone

(Simon & Schuster)

Utterly isn’t overly impressed by Caspar’s strength, i.e., being punctual. What use is that? Casper is a boy of plans and timetables and schedules. What good are these in ‘Rumblestar’? What is Casper doing in ‘Rumblestar’? He was hiding from Candida and Leopold. How on earth can a grandfather clock lead him into another land? An Unmapped Kingdom of Magical Beasts! Suddenly, Casper, who’s hidden from life, is thrust into saving the Unmapped Kingdom! What’s more it seems he’s a target. Who wants him and why?


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