Run, Pip, Run


Run, Pip, Run‘ for the authorities are after her. She and Sully have lived in perfect harmony since her took her in as an apple cart confined infant. Now Sully is ill, and Pip must fight to avoid police and social workers. All the time she’s thinking about the little she knows of her origins.

Pip is a bold and intelligent heroine. We cheer her initiative and sympathise with her plight. There is no room for melodrama for Pip can make her own way using her initiative, race horsing knowledge and pride.

Run, Pip, Run‘ was the deserved winner of Australia’s Runnings’ Children’s Book Prize. It is one of the best books I have read this year.

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Run, Pip, Run

J. C. Jones

(Allen & Unwin)

Run, Pip, Run‘ as the steps of the law, social workers and school draw closer. Pip is in trouble. Sully is il. Sully is her carer, the man who took her as a baby from her apple crate and raised her. Pip is determined to handle things her way, yet it seems everyone else has other plans.
This is one of my favourite recent titles. I recommend ‘Run, Pip, Run‘ without hesitation to all keen readers looking for a REALLY great book!


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